To help you reach your goals we’ve asked one of our friends and PTs, Alina Mihai, to prepare a full-body workout challenge for you. It covers most of the muscle groups and can be easily adapted for all difficulty levels, so we encourage you to give it a try.

If you’ve already got a workout routine, put this one aside for the days when you feel like something different.

Get your mat ready, prepare those weights, and fill-up that water bottle. Now check out the images for step by step guidance and the tips below for a perfect execution.

  1. Squat to Over Head (OH) press
  2. Reverse lunge to Knee Up (R ) & Repeat on left leg (L)
  3. Glute bridge (hip raises)
  4. Plank shoulder taps
  5. Hollow hold

Perform the exercises in a circuit form (from 1 to 5), with minimum rest between them, for a total of 3 rounds. Rest for 30 secs between rounds.


Exercises 1-3: perform each one 10-12 times. For exercise 1 you can use bodyweight or light weights/dumbbells.

Exercise 4: you can regress the exercise by only holding a plank. If needed, come down on knees. Exercise 5: perform 3 sets of 10 secs with 5 secs break.

All five exercises count as one round.

Intermediate & Advanced:

Exercises 1-3: perform 12-15 reps. For exercise 1 you can use heavier dumbbells/weights.

For exercise 5: keep hollow hold form for 30 secs.

To increase the difficulty level you can: add more weight/increase the number of reps or sets/use time under tension (move slower or pause on the dynamic exercises).

Never forget about pre-workout warm-up and post-workout stretching!

Full-Body Warm-up For Success

Home Workout - Full-body Warm-up

Prepare your body for the workout by doing at least 5-10 minutes of warm-up exercises. These will enhance your athletic performance and prevent injuries.

A Good Stretching to Finish Your Workout Challenge

Home Workout - Full-Body Stretching

Cool down after your workout for a few minutes with some stretching exercises to allow for a gradual recovery of pre-exercise heart rate and blood pressure.

Full Body Home Workout with Alina Mihai

Alina Mihai is a passionate Personal Trainer (PT) who challenged herself to change and went from passion to expert level (certified as Nutrition Coach, PT, Group Fitness Instructor and even Schwinn Cycling Bronze Level instructor).

Finding balance was and still is one of my lifetime goals. In this process, I realized soon enough that living a balanced life has so many dimensions. Nutrition and fitness play key roles in our overall wellness, which is why I wanted to gain knowledge in both areas. I believe that challenging the change and improving your life quality is a step by step effort. It takes daily actions and small steps that add up to one whole journey,” Alina said.

So, if you’ve got any questions—from nutrition to workouts (yup, sky is the limit)—drop them below! Alina is a member of our Progress Accountability FB group and she’s more than happy to jump in and help!