Get in Shape For Summer – Home Workout Challenge

To help you reach your goals we’ve asked one of our friends and PTs, Alina Mihai, to prepare a full-body workout challenge for you. It covers most of the muscle groups and can be easily adapted for all difficulty levels, so we encourage you to give it a try.

If you’ve already got a workout routine, put this one aside for the days when you feel like something different.

Get your mat ready, prepare those weights, and fill-up that water bottle. Now check out the images for step by step guidance and the tips below for a perfect execution.

  1. Squat to Over Head (OH) press
  2. Reverse lunge to Knee Up (R ) & Repeat on left leg (L)
  3. Glute bridge (hip raises)
  4. Plank shoulder taps
  5. Hollow hold
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8 Home Workouts & Apps to Stay on Track this Spring

With more of us practicing social distancing, instead of checking out the news around the clock, take the time and do some things for yourself. We’ve got you covered with 8 home workouts and apps to stay on track towards your health & fitness goals.

First of all, it’s okay to feel whatever it is you are feeling. Even if it’s more difficult to focus on your journey. The anxiety these days isn’t silly at all. It’s just part of the process of coming to grips with a situation.

So be forgiving of yourself if you’re having an “adjustment reaction” and give yourself the time you need to find your new routine.

Find the Best Apps and Home Workouts

Excerise in the comfort of your own home with these effective workouts you can do in your living room

We believe that stressful times like these are precisely when people need wellness practices the most, so here’s a list of workouts or apps that can help:

  1. Down dog This one is for free now (until May) to help people deal with social isolation. They have yoga, HIIT, barre, and more!
  2. 30-day fitness workout at home. One of the best elements of the app is the gradual difficulty increase of each workout which helps keep the exercises challenging, but not impossible to do, and helps build up tolerance. 
  3. Leslie Fightmaster has a Youtube channel with hundreds of yoga routines for all levels, from short 10-minute videos to 1-hour classes.
  4. This Reddit thread has a lot of options, even a “Coronavirus Curfew Home Workout – 12 min session!” It doesn’t require any equipment and it’s scalable for all strength/ age/ability levels.
  5. Millionaire Hoy added a free extreme 35 minute 500 calorie 30 day home workout challenge on YouTube. Each day of this at home workout challenge features a new theme – including Tabata, HIIT, strength training, yoga, and cardio – with no equipment and equipment options.
  6. Tara Stiles yoga for fat burning without hating it 🙂
  7. Yoga with Adriane. She has a lot of specific sessions, for abs, legs, etc. and everyone loves her.
  8. Last but not least, check out Owen’s YT channel – he does free live training sessions and he leads by the power of example. At the age of 50 he gave up alcohol, lost 56 lbs, and tracked his weightloss journey with Progress. He also made a career change and became a personal trainer!

Add Gratitude to the Mix

Gratitude goes a long way

It’s such a simple thing to do and even more helpful for our overall mindset these days.

It helps our heart and one study has found that it helps with cardiovascular disease as well.

Practicing gratitude can be very simple:

  • Just make a daily note of the things in life that you’re grateful for.
  • What about writing down three things that you’re thankful for each day?
  • Be happy you’re healthy, your family is good or even the fact that today maybe you had a lovely breakfast on the balcony, enjoying the sun.

If you’re looking for more suggestions of apps & home workouts, check out our Top 10 health & fitness apps as well as this previous article with home workouts, or join us on Facebook in our Progress Accountability Group.

How do you manage to stay on track these days?