BJ dropped 44lbs in 8 weeks to be more in shape for his 9 kids

BJ before and after losing 44 lbs

BJ dropped 44lbs in 8 weeks to be more in shape for his 9 kids At 44 years old, BJ decided to improve his life and be there for his family for as long as he possibly can. He started by fasting, cutting sugar and sodas, and exercising – and he lost over 44 lbs […]

Weight-loss journey: How I Lost 80 lbs in One Year

Weight-Loss Journey: How I Lost 80lbs In One Year At the age of 58, Jacque has regained the figure she had in her early twenties. In one year, starting from February 2018, she lost 80 lbs. She went from a size 18 to a size 4 and eventually even became a health coach! A few […]

Survive the Easter egg hunt – weight-loss tips

Survive the Easter egg hunt: weight-loss tips Easter is coming (pun intended), and we all know what that means for those of us trying to lose weight. Temptation! Countless chocolate bunnies and towers of marshmallow chicks everywhere 😅. With so many delicious treats, the kids’ Easter eggs hunt coming up, together with that glazed ham […]

How to lose 60 lbs in 16 months

How To Lose 60lbs In 16 Months Aiming for a 60 lbs weight loss might sound ambitious, but it is doable, and we have proof! So here’s how to lose 60 lbs from someone who has managed to do it! In 2017, Kendra was at her heaviest, wearing a size 18 and dealing with anxiety. […]

Weight Loss Journey: How I Dropped 10 Sizes In One Year

Over 30 kgs lost. Down from size 20+ to 12. Fitter & stronger than ever before. More importantly chronic health problems have improved massively. Diabetes back under control and nearing remission. Liver disease well in the way to being beaten. How?